Alice Wagner, Lima - Peru, 1974.

She studied Fine Arts in Lima and was awarded with the gold and silver medal of her institution. In 2005 she received the scholarship of the Pollock Krasner Foundation in New York. Alice Wagner is an artist who reinterprets and transforms, offering us a conceptual symbolic and iconographic reading of popular symbology. The appropriation of the common, of the daily and the democratic brings the artistic practices of Wagner closer to a ready-made of an objet trouvé in the field of the collectible. The souvenir becomes the object of desire and representation of the emotional charge of a culture and its history. Researching new materials and techniques is one of the most remarkable features of Alice Wagner's creative process. The allegory and symbolism of this artist make memory a fundamental element of the language of her work and a starting point for the construction of an army of images and objects that transport us to emblematic corners of the world and make us the owners of her image . Wagner is a worthy representative of contemporary art in Peru and in the world. Peru inspires and delights Wagner to offer us her re-readings of the phenomenon of tourism and the voracity of collecting souvenirs.

Alice Wagner has achieve multiple solo and group exhibitions both in her home country and in several countries abroad. The work of this artist has been exhibiting in the most well known contemporary art fairs such as Arco in Madrid, Pinta in New York and London, Parc Lima, Scope Miami or Art Toronto. The work of Alice Wagner is part of the contemporary art collections of the Lima Museum of Art, Nasher Museum in North Carolina (USA), Private Collection Hochshild, Micromuseo, among others.

Having Alice Wagner's work is a sure bet, a delight for all our senses, as well as the pleasant impulse to interpret and complete the artwork through an own mental process surrounded by history, research and beauty. The art of Wagner, without a doubt, is a profitable investment!