Antoni Miralda, Terrassa (Barcelona) -Spain, 1942.  VELAZQUEZ Prize for Plastic Arts 2018 (Spain)

After a stay of two years in Paris and two more in London, in 1966 he returned and settled in the French capital until 1972, when he moved to New York. He currently lives between Miami and Barcelona. Already in the sixties, together with the so-called "Catalans of Paris" -Joan Rabascall, Jaume Xifra, and Benet Rossell-, made a series of happenings or collective rituals around the ceremonial of food based on color and its symbolism.

Over the years he has developed great installations with a nonconformist, festive, baroque and kitsch language that brings art to life. In projects such as the Honeymoon Project, a symbolic link between the Columbus statue of Barcelona and the Statue of Liberty of New York, it uses a universal activity as food to carry out a deconstruction of prejudices in a global world. Many of his works promote collective participation, the game and the party between allegories and festivals of a great communicator and researcher of popular culture.

His gastronomic ethnology has given him wide international recognition. Since 2000, Miralda has been focusing on the FoodCulturaMuseum, an archive of multiple projects based on research and reflection on gastronomic diversity and its link with the cultures of the planet. Based in Miami and Barcelona, ??he explores and disseminates the food culture through audiovisuals, music, books, furniture, objects and all kinds of documents.

Miralda's work is present in the largest and most important collections of contemporary art, biennials and exhibitions. Having Miralda's work is not only a day-to-day aesthetic enjoyment and an experience of openness and reflection about ourselves but also a more than safe investment. To have Miralda in your collection is to have a work that every day takes on more economic value in the art market. A safe investment!