Born in Alcoy (Alicante) -Spain, 1980.

She develops her work through techniques such as writing, performance, video and installations. Marla Jacarilla is continually looking for links between plastic art, new technologies and literature to develop a fragmented and fictionalized narrative that the viewer is invited to recompose.

This artist has won various scholarships such as the video art scholarship granted by the BBVA Foundation, the Guasch Coranty Foundation grant or the Bòlit mentor scholarship. Award to the best artist of the project ART NOU 2012. She has participated in several residencies for artists in cities like Barcelona and Berlin. She has held solo and group exhibitions in cities such as Madrid, Terrasa and Barcelona. The open participatory artworks of Marla Jacarilla remind us the best conceptual art of the mid-twentieth century. It seems that Art & Language or Joseph Kosuth have motivated the ideas-concept of this artist who today pleasantly surprises us with an eloquent and consistent work with its roots and promising destiny. The use of language and its nuances is an art that Jacarilla composed with great skill inviting the spectator now participant to generate a mental process of their own that closes the circle of a strongly reflective message.

Jacarilla not only gives us beauty, beautiful objects that we can contemplate, Jacarilla offers us ideas wrapped in formal aesthetics. This artist makes us think through her dialectical games and artistically subversive images. Having work by Marla Jacarilla in your collection is a safe bet!