Mateo Maté, Madrid-Spain, 1964.

This artist ironically activates the poetics of all possible resources that trigger thought and reflection, promotes metaphorical symbols and highlights the metadata of idiosyncrasy and everyday reality to offer us works that require a mental process and a social and political involvement. With great duchampian fluidity and conceptual audacity, Mateo Maté is an agitator who moves in the territory of the near and in the parallelism between the patriotic and the domestic. The exaltation of nationalisms through the decontextualization of objets trouvés outlines the power structures of the system that governs our movements and especially our consciences. The work of Mateo Maté is an invitation to participate and to decide. The moral implication of this madrilian artist makes his work an action art that makes evident what is not evident, thus promoting the analysis of an active and participant spectator. The borders and the territory that they delimit, the militarism and the battles that they generate make Maté diffuse the limits of what is established and even better extrapolate these concepts, equating them to domestic experiences in which the daily spaces we inhabit, full of tensions and great agreements, become on battlefields where negotiation avoids disaster or rather promotes it.

In spite of the acuteness of his conceptual theoretical priority and the use of all kinds of objects, materials and techniques, Mateo Maté reconciles the conceptual value with the visual and formal value of his works. In his works, both the discourse behind it and the resulting objectuality excites us and brings us closer to beauty. The concept of beauty, it is clear, can be as broad as the resources that Maté uses, but there is no doubt that this artist offers us a mature and consistent art, a brave art that has evolved towards the beauty of certainty and the promotion of thought. The existence and individual and collective identity is the conceptual reason worked brilliantly that makes the work of Mateo Maté a great success among the great. The sensitivity and intellectual capacity of this artist immerses us in one of the finest and most acidic conceptual practices at the same time. Maté is already an established artist with a great future projection in the art market.

Mateo Maté has made numerous individual exhibitions in museums and recognized institutions, as well as collective exhibitions with other great artists. This artist has obtained numerous scholarships and important prizes from public and private institutions and his work can be seen in large public collections such as The Elgiz Museum. Istanbul, Turkey, Botín Center. Santander, Spain, La Caixa Collection. Barcelona, ​​Spain, Banco de Sabadell Foundation. Barcelona, ​​Spain, María José Jove Foundation. A. Coruña, Spain, Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports. Madrid, Spain, Fundación Fútbol Profesional. Madrid, Spain, Marcelino Botín Foundation. Santander, Spain, MUSAC, Museum of Contemporary Art of Castilla y León. León, Spain, Altadis Foundation. Paris, France, Patio Herreriano Museum. Valladolid, Spain, Caja Inmaculada. Zaragoza, Spain, ARTIUM, Center- Basque Museum of Contemporary Art. Vitoria, Spain, Reina Sofia National Museum. Madrid, Spain, CAB, Art Center of Burgos. Burgos, Spain, Art Center May 2. Móstoles (Madrid) Spain, Heather and Tony Podesta Collection. Washington, USA.