Remy Uno. Born in 1978 in Marseille-France.

Remy Uno starts in the world of graffiti in the late nineties. In 2002, he created together with other artists, the collective Lartmada. Since then, this group has been invited to paint and exhibit their samples of "the most artistic and small possible vandalism" in many cities of the world such as Sao Paulo, New York, Caracas, Moscow, London, Johannesburg, Mexico or Yaoundé. For a few years, Remy Uno has been focusing on the development of his work on canvas, through intimate portraits in which he seeks to deepen the human being through situations and simple stories. Remy Uno is an artist who dissects, who cuts bodies with light colors and energetic movements, that decomposes and deconstructs the classic to build a new neo-expressionist reality. The work of this artist is more than the mastery of an impeccable technique - something that is clear to us when seeing his ability with the painting -, is a new proposition created on a fragmented reality with certain whispers of Pop and of comic. This fragmentation allows us to stop in each section of the festival of color and majestic movement of an artist who breaks with the schemes without abandoning the body as a starting point and inspiration for the freedom of his compositions.

The work of Remy Uno reminds us of the strength and color of graffiti such as those of the american David Walker or the spanish Gonzalo Borondo. This urban poet who makes his canvases an explosion from the inside out integrates the figure and the background as a single entity. His work is an indivisible whole that proposes a more intimate approach to an art with urban breath, to a streetart of a canvas painter and to the palette of a daring graffitero inspired by the strength and power of Rembrandt, in the light of the landscapes of Turner, in the decompositions of Alex Kanevsky, in the compositions of Dan Voinea or the inside or outside power of Conor Harrington.