Live in the Pronouns

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Live in pronouns. 1996-2006. Serigraphy. Edition of 25 copies. Work measures: 80 x 100 cm.

This work is part of the collection of several important institutions such as the MUSAC Museum in León, Spain.

The work Live in the Pronouns, 1996-2006, evokes poetry as the basis of the creation that generates thought. With the verse reinvented as a slogan of the poem "La voz a ti due" (1933) by the Madrid poet Pedro Salinas, Rogelio López Cuenca offers us one of his most representative works.
I do not want to live
islands, palaces, towers.
What a high joy:
live in the pronouns!
Take off your suits,
the signs, the portraits;
I do not want you like that,
disguised as another,
daughter always something.
I want you pure, free,
irreducible: you.
I know when I call you
among all the people
of the world,
Only you will be you.
And when you ask me
who is the one who calls you,
He who loves you,
I will bury the names,
the signs, the history.
I will break everything
what they put on me
from before birth.
And already returned to anonymous
eternal of the nude,
of the stone, of the world,
I'll tell you:
"I love you, it's me."

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