Shipping and returns policy


1- What payment methods are accepted?

Claudia Arbulu Gallery accepts the following methods of payment:

2- Can I cancel or change my order?

Currently, it is not possible to cancel or modify your order bacause we prepare your purchase as soon as you confirm your order.


How much will I paid for shipping?

Our rates are based on the transportation rates of the most serious and secure specialized transport companies. The amount is automatically determined by the shipping address indicated by the buyer, the measurements and the weight of the work. This is automatically added to the cost of insurance at all risk according to the price of your work so that it arrives without problems to its destination.

2- Will I be charged taxes or customs fees?

All taxes are already included in the final price you pay when requesting your shipment.


1- Can I return the artwork after buying it?

The buyer is aware of the uniqueness of the sale to be a work of art, so it is agreed expressly derogate from the right of withdrawal, since at the time of delivery the artwork must keep under special conditions to protect its integrity. Therefore, the buyer may visit the the artwork where is it before purchasing, and at the time of acquiring the property is transferred without right of withdrawal.

2- How long will it take to receive my order?

The artworks usually arrive within eleven (11) to fourteen (14) business days from time of order, depending on the destination of the artwork as well as the time it takes to clear customs if the artwork is shipped internationally.

Common Reasons for Delivery Delays

If you live in an area experiencing severe weather, natural disasters, or any other unforeseen major events, your package may be delayed. Please add an additional 2 - 3 business days to the estimated delivery date of your order.

3- How do I track the progress of my artwork shipment?

Please email

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