Malgré ton absence je t’ aime

Category > Mixed media


Ink printing on methacrylate. Edition of 3 copies. Measurements of the work: 180 x 180 cm. Year: 2003-2005.

Interrogating again the most intimate and poetic sensibility of the spectators, Pep Agut created the project "Avec tes yeux, avec ta voix", a series composed initially of sixteen works, of which seven have been edited until today. The first three were presented in Red District de Marseille (2003) and Art Unlimited in Basel (2004). In 2005, four new pieces were published. It is, as in the previous ones, pieces of methacrylate labeled with some phrases taken from various everyday sources (from surveys to readings of newspapers or books through television) and that located in the art space act as start-up devices of our sensitivity. “C'est avec tes désirs que je désire” (It is with your desires that I wish), “C’ est avec ta pensée que je pense" (It is with your thought that I think), "C’ est avec tes rêves que je rêve" (It is with your dreams that I dream) and "Malgré ton absence je t'aime” (Despite your absence I love you) are good examples of his works in which he equates words to images.

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