The prevalence of ruin

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The prevalence of ruin. 2018. Photography in methacrylate of 70 cm x 50 cm. and framed text of 30 x 21 cm. Ed. 3 + 1AP.

In a society that is advancing faster, the ruins need less and less time to become ruins. Production methods vary constantly, industrial sites move to developing countries and certain jobs begin to disappear. The places that were previously destined for production have become present in containers of memories, in places to reflect, evoke the past and rethink possible futures. The only way out, then, is to change the meaning of the discourses learned to create new ones. Like the words of Henry Ford, for example, that properly reconfigured could have a different meaning; perhaps less utilitarian, but undoubtedly more open and critical with respect to the functioning of contemporary society.

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