Sexy TV

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Sexy TV. Digital printing. Work measurements: 30 x 20 cm. Without framing. Signed on the back, not numbered.1996.

Photography of a television from the large collection of more than five hundred miniature televisions, Drawing TV, Africa TV, Japan TV, Miracle TV, Anemic Cinema TV, Dalí TV, Velázquez TV or Zen TV, are some of the names of the small televisions that Joan Rabascall presents as a complaint and critical position to the alienation of the mass media. This artist recovers the objects and turns them into relics, powerful symbols of consumption, like the works of the artists César or Arman.

These contraptions act as referents (denotatum) stimulating interpretation; they indicate the idea of his work as a sign, as a nominal image and reworking of the "thing" meaning that the artist takes out of context and makes it his property. Rabascall presents his ideas as semiotic products, as products of the pleasure of power, of "being able to do" and better still, of "wanting to do" (Kunstwollen).

600 € (taxes included)