Claudia Arbulu Gallery CSR Commitments (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Claudia Arbulu Gallery 's mission is the diffusion, promotion and responsible sale of works of art at intercontinental level. We make the selection of artists with the best critical eye and rigor that gives us the experience and the studies of specialization made. Thus, our clients can access to artworks from consolidated and emerging artists that are quoted up in the art market and, in parallel, through their works, they bring us closer to the desired aesthetic enjoyment and to the best and most consistent artistic practices. Claudia Arbulu Gallery is a serious and rigorous showcase that brings you closer to the works of the best artists of the moment.

With daily work, Claudia Arbulu Gallery aspires to be a meeting point and bridge between collectors and artists. Our work of intermediation not only has the vision of being a dynamizing element of the acquisitions of art, but of contributing through personalized advice in the formation of coherent art collections and with a unitary concept. The satisfaction of our customers is primordial. CClaudia Arbulu Gallery wishes to contribute to the world of art and society in general in all cultural, educational and social aspects that we can.

From the responsibility, transparency, ethical spirit and cooperation with charitable collaborations, the good practices of Claudia Arbulu Gallery not only seek to sell art, but contribute, help and promote, through sensitivity, in the distribution of opportunities and in the promotion of culture in our society. Because culture and education is progress. Because culture is a right of all human beings. Responsible management, commitment to people, dissemination of knowledge, the level of works proposed in the gallery, reasonable prices agreed and respect for the environment in all processes of the art distribution chain are values that Claudia Arbulu Gallery promotes in each of its business actions.

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